Trent Cole last played outside linebacker in high school. Brandon Graham last did it when he was a freshman at the University of Michigan.

Yet that’s where the two defensive ends have been lining up through the Eagles’ organized team activities. The second three-day session began Monday.

It’s not an easy adjustment, as Graham showed late in practice when Jason Avant — not the fastest wide receiver by any means — beat him for a 40-yard reception down the right sideline.

“Obviously … chasing Jason Avant, I’ve got to catch up with those types of guys,” Graham said.

Graham is listed at 265 pounds, Cole at 270, so chasing wide receivers isn’t the reason why they’re playing the position. Rather, in a 3-4 alignment that the Eagles are expected to use most of the time, they would provide the pass rush from the outside while occasionally dropping back into coverage.

The play that Avant exploited isn’t supposed to happen in a real game because the Eagles would have three cornerbacks in the game when the opponent has three receivers. The Eagles were merely experimenting with different combinations.

Still, it shows what could go wrong if the defense isn’t aligned correctly.

“The way the defense was set up, they went base to our three receivers,” Avant said. “So (Graham) was the outside linebacker and he had to cover the receiver. It’s just a long way to cover a receiver.”

The Eagles plan to see if Cole and Graham, career defensive ends, can make the transition.

Cole, 30, is third on the team’s all-time sack list with 71, but he’s coming off his worst season with just three sacks. Graham was a first-round draft pick in 2010, but he was considered a disappointment before finishing last season with the best five-game stretch of his career, when he compiled four sacks.