I always want to watch Matt Duchene. But in light of his injury -- again -- I have to ask: Are the Avs appreciably worse without him right now? I mean, it seems like when he was out the first time, they were the same inconsistent team when he was in. How is the team different with and without him, specifically?

When Duchene went down again Tuesday, he was playing center. Before he got hurt the last time, he was playing winger. I think his loss as a winger is easier to withstand, but as a center it's tougher.

Now, Mark Olver will probably have to go back to center -- and I think he was better as a winger.

Look, Duchene is a talented guy and the Avs are a better team with him than without him. But with the additions of Steve Downie and Jamie McGinn and Mike Connolly, it's a bit easier to withstand his loss -- at least in the short term.