There's no question that the young 29th draft pick for the Phoenix Suns has fans and media alike both intrigued and excited about his potential and what he could mean to this proud yet currently rebuilding franchise. But is Archie Goodwin really ready to take the league by storm?

While there's no doubt that 19 year old Archie Goodwin is currently one of the brightest beacon's of hope for the future of the Phoenix Suns franchise it's also possible that he could be the primary source of frustration and disappointment for many fans next season who are too eager to see immediate results.

Goodwin gave fans plenty of reasons to be excited about his arrival during Summer League where he was consistently aggressive and at times appeared almost unstoppable.

In addition to demonstrating a knack for attacking the basket and drawing fouls which he was known for in college he also showcased what appeared to be an improved and much more reliable jump shot from beyond the arc shooting an impressive 57% which was an area of his game he struggled with as a freshman at Kentucky.

His play for the Suns in the Summer League was a breath of fresh air for a fanbase who has been searching for a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

But is Goodwin really ready for prime time?

Perhaps we should take it from the guy who drafted him general manager Ryan McDonough who said himself that he believed Goodwin would have been a top 10 pick in 2014 if he had stayed in school another year.

Clearly McDonough saw Archie Goodwin as more of an investment for the future rather than a "win now" type of player who was ready to make an immediate impact for the Suns.

Conventional wisdom would certainly agree with his assessment as Goodwin struggled to find his niche at the University of Kentucky last season and looked like anything but a finished product. There was no question about his talent or his potential but Goodwin struggled to find any consistency and it looked as if the game was just too big for him at times.