Don't misunderstand Joe Haden. He was happy for rookie cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun when he got that interception return for a touchdown on Sunday in Miami. But...

"He took my spot," Haden said with a laugh before practice on Wednesday.

Haden missed Sunday's game due to a groin injury he says he sustained on Thursday in practice.

"Strained it covering (wide receiver Darius) Jennings," Haden said. "A corner route opened up and I felt a pull."

He was still hopeful he'd be able to play, but said that head coach Hue Jackson saw him working out prior to the game and told him that he wasn't.

It was something Haden called "super frustrating," especially coming off of a season in which he appeared in just five games, his 2015 ultimately cut short by a concussion. He said that he was hoping to play in all 16 games this season, something he's done only once in his career.