Of the numerous memorable moments created throughout the Predators' first-round sweep of the Blackhawks, you may have missed one that occurred in a split second.

It happened during Game 3 inside the Predators' offensive zone. In one fluid motion, center Ryan Johansen, standing below the goal line, lowered his right shoulder and dropped an oncoming Blackhawks defender without losing possession of the puck.

This wasn't just any Blackhawks player, mind you. This was Jonathan Toews, Chicago's do-it-all captain and member of the NHL's elite center class, who Johansen forcibly face-planted.

It was unexpected, as was Johansen outplaying his more highly regarded counterpart. He centered the series’ most dominant line and led both teams with six points, delivering a statement in the process.

"I knew I was going to have a great challenge and I was going to be looked at," Johansen said. "Knowing that I played solid against Toews and got the job done versus him, why can’t I do that against anyone?"

No one will dispute Johansen's natural talent. The 24-year-old is blessed with an enviable combination of size and skill.

But does he have the drive and work ethic to maximize his ability and become a dominant No. 1 center? That question has dogged Johansen during his NHL career, and he's trying to remove any doubt during Nashville's postseason run.