Michael Cammalleri hadn't even made his connection to Calgary in Toronto before the first salvo was fired in the prank war.

An unnamed joker dropped a stool bearing Cammalleri's new number in front of the interview backdrop in the Saddledome halls. It was removed by staff and didn't make it into the winger's media scrum hours later, but the culprit was quickly found during some downtime.

"It was for you guys, so you can see him," said Flames winger Tom Kostopoulos, who copped up to the prank and pulled the stool back out for the cameras to film.

"He can give it back, but there's just too many things to give it to him about — his height, the size of his head … it goes on and on.

"He's a good guy. Everyone's looking forward to seeing him."

Exhausted after three of the most challenging days of his professional career, capped off by hours spent in planes and airports, Cammalleri wasn't really looking forward to the reunion.

"I'm thankful we're having this scrum in front of my stall or there would have been a plethora of pranks from Tommy," Cammalleri said of his former AHL Manchester Monarchs and Los Angeles Kings teammate. "It's almost exhausting playing with him. I've got to be on guard all the time.

"I'd like to say I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not."

Maybe after a few hours of sleep, he'd be a little more receptive. Not like he has a choice. And Cammalleri has a reputation of responding to pranks with his own.

"I think we did it to him. We had the equipment guys sew his car keys into his pocket," Cammalleri recalled of one of his best on Kostopoulos. "And there was a long walk to the car where we were playing.