It's one thing to amass an NFL record 1,964 receiving yards against every imaginable multiple coverage, against defenses that paid little or no regard to any other aspect of the Lions' offense as Calvin Johnson did last season.

It's quite another to do it with mangled fingers, also as Johnson did last season.

"Yeah, I had a couple of things here and there," he said, looking down at the fingers of his left hand, none of which were seemingly going in the same direction. "Pretty much trying to get them back straight, trying to straighten them things out."

Yet, typically, Johnson didn't think playing receiver in the NFL with injured fingers was any big deal.

"I had a couple of injuries but nothing that prohibited me from doing what I needed to do," he said. "The thing with a lot of football players, you have injuries, but unless you know about it you just think it's something that hurts and you keep on playing."

Johnson also missed some practice time last year with knee and ankle pain, but he said Monday he did not have any medical procedures during the offseason.

"I am feeling good," he said. "This is the time to get the body strong and ready to go through what we are about to go through."

As the Lions begin OTAs Tuesday, Johnson had a ready answer for the inevitable question: What can you do for an encore?

"I have talked to Hines Ward (former Steelers receiver) the last couple of offseasons because we share the same trainer," Johnson said. "He told me, 'You can have all the accolades in the world but it don't really mean nothing if you aren't winning.' I can get three touchdowns and 200 yards, but if you lose the game what's it all for?"

Johnson said he expects the players to come to work with a chip on their shoulder after the 4-12 slide last season.