Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett didn't officially say Wednesday who would be calling offensive plays for the team next season and Bill Callahan didn't provide much new information a day later.

Each member of the Cowboys coaching staff spent about 10 minutes speaking with the media Thursday. Callahan, the team's offensive coordinator/offensive line coach, was the last staff member to take part in the session, and how the offensive play-calling would be handled in 2013 was obviously a hot topic.

"It's really a collaborative effort," Callahan said. "We all do it together. I think what's important here is we as a staff continue to work hard, put the plan together, we do it in a collaborative fashion, and really, it doesn't really matter."

On Wednesday, Garrett, who has called the plays the previous six seasons, said it was a "collective process" that doesn't need to be finalized until the Cowboys play their first preseason game in August. Like Callahan, Garrett didn't seem to think naming a play-caller in February was necessary.

"I checked my ego at the door a long time ago," Callahan said. "It doesn't matter who calls the plays. We know what the play is going to be. So there's no guesses, there's no surprises.