Alain Vigneault didn't go all Lindy Ruff but he might have, had Roberto Luongo been run over by Jordin Tootoo in the same manner that Ryan Miller was bowled over Saturday.

Not only did the Nashville Predators winger receive a major penalty and a game misconduct for charging into the Buffalo Sabres' recently-concussed goaltender from the side after losing possession of the puck- he could also face supplemental discipline for the action - his foray caused Ruff to lose it.

"What happened in the game is a joke," fumed Ruff in his postgame address. "It's a joke. All it does is just prove the fact right, that when I said it was open season [on goaltenders], it appears it is open season. You get a guy that comes off a concussion, and you've got Jordin Tootoo - Jordin Tootoo running over your goaltender?"