At some point this season, Chandler Parsons knew he had to sort of start swinging for the fences.

Parsons knows it’s going to take an inordinate amount of time before his surgically repaired right knee be close to the condition it was in before he injured it last season. And he knows that zip in his step he’s accustomed to having, well, that’s also going to take some time before it returns to form.

But the 17 points Parsons scored for the Dallas Mavericks during Monday’s 104-94 win over the Phoenix Suns at American Airlines Center gave him a sliver of hope that his total game may be returning sooner rather than later.

"It’s all about confidence right now,’’ said Parsons, who converted 5-of-10 shots in a season-high 28 minutes. "I am going to be rusty, I’m going to miss some shots and go through some slumps.

"I’ve just got to stick with it.’’

Parsons stuck with it long enough to make a difference Monday night. After the Suns sliced a 23-point fourth-quarter deficit to 83-73 with 7:32 remaining, Parsons put on his Superman cape and came to the Mavs’ rescue.

First, Parsons drained a 3-pointer, was fouled by Sonny Weems, and proceeded to nail the free throw to complete the 4-point play. Coach Rick Carlisle walked the sidelines and was clapping after that important sequence.

Then a mere 21 seconds later, Parsons drilled yet another 3-pointer as the Mavs’ lead swelled to 90-73 with 6:48 left in the game and they went on to break a three-game home losing streak.