On this night, there was no furious comeback.

There was no close call.

There was no hiding the fact that the Calgary Flames, for at least the fifth consecutive outing, didn’t deliver a 60-minute effort.

On this night, the final score — a 7-3 stomp from the Dallas Stars — did tell the entire story.

“I guess, if anyone was sort of kidding themselves and thought, ‘Hey we didn’t play that bad, we were in it until the end,’ you just need to look in the mirror now. We got completely outplayed in every facet of the game,” said Flames right-winger Lee Stempniak.

“If you’re being honest with yourself, you know we haven’t played well and we need to be better.

“That’s the start of it. And if it takes hitting rock-bottom like tonight for it to click in, then maybe that’s a positive out of it.

“But I don’t think that should be the case.”

Going back a week, the Flames had an awful first period against the Flames in St. Louis. They lost by one goal.

The next night, they were once again guilty of a slow start against the Avalanche in Colorado. The result was a two-goal loss, but only because of a late empty-netter.

In Tuesday’s showdown with the San Jose Sharks at the Saddledome, they somehow scratched back from their worst opening period of the season and forced overtime, eventually settling for a single point.

Thursday’s date with Dallas followed a familiar scrip, except Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn & Co. weren’t going to let them get close.

This one wasn’t close.