When you’re name is a punchline to those who pay attention to the game of basketball, odds are you probably aren’t that great of a player. Yes, I’m talking about Byron Mullens as the Los Angeles Clippers have prepared themselves to offer the fifth year big man a two-year deal (Yahoo! Sports).

It’s unclear what the Clippers are trying to do here. Byron’s calling card is scoring. Last time I checked this team doesn’t need scoring. Sure, the critics have a valid point bringing up Doc River‘s offense during his time with the Boston Celtics. Boston’s offensive ratings have been below in the bottom fifteen since the 09-10 season. He won’t have that probelm with the Los Angeles Clippers, whom have finished 4th in offensive rating [according to Hoopdata] the past two seasons. Translation: having Chris Paul and not Rajon Rondo matters a lot.

And since last season the Clippers have added J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley to the fray of offense that was already in-house. Offense is not the problem. So why are they on the verge of adding Byron Mullens? For the love of James Naismith I have no idea. How can I say this in the nicest way possible? Well, Mullens isn’t a defensive player. With a player like DeAndre Jordan at the center position, you need a definitive defensive option behind DJ as ‘D’ is night and day. Byron definitely isn’t that.

The Charlotte Bobcats weren’t a good defensive team last season. I’m not pinning it all on Mullens as that team had a lot of wholes throughout their roster, but he definitely wasn’t helping. They finished the season with a defensive rating of 108.9 which was the worst in the NBA, but with Mullens on the floor that number jumped to 113.0 (106.6 off the floor).