The Cleveland Cavaliers have been a mess this season and now the situation involving Andrew Bynum could make it into a disaster, as a report has come out that the suspended center was given paid leave after having sex with one of the members of the coaching staff's wife and the news comes from Media Take Out and will need to be confirmed, but if true, that's a mess.

According to the report from Media Take Out, Bynum, who was first suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and then given paid leave after his unpaid suspension ended, supposedly had "relations" with the wife of one of the members of the Cavs coaching staff and while the name has been redacted, it is not Mike Brown the head coach, but another coach on the staff. The news from Media Take Out came from a source that claims she is a "girlfriend" of one of the Cleveland Cavaliers players and that's how she could confirm the details.

The report goes on to say that Bynum had sex with someone's wife and that is what led to him getting suspended and now it appears that the team will be trading him and teams like the Heat, Lakers, Knicks and the Bulls and the source said that the team should bring him back since it has nothing to do with basketball. The team has been frustrated by Bynum's play this season and he has now been "excused from basketball duties" and it's likely he has played his final game with the team.