The news continues to become encouraging.

In his weekly update, Sixers injured center Andrew Bynum said he has picked up his workouts ever so much and even dunked a basketball during Sunday's session. For a 7-footer, that doesn't sound like a big deal. However, the 300 pounds that come crashing back to earth handled the pounding.

According to Bynum, he feels as if he is slightly ahead of schedule with his rehab and is targeting a return just after the All-Star break.

"I'm a little ahead, I think," Bynum said. "Before I started getting a little better I had a lot of pain. The pain is subsiding a bit [after workouts]."

Despite the upbeat update, Bynum still has plenty of work to do. He has yet to move laterally, cut or do defensive stance moves. Aside from running or the dunk from Sunday, he also hasn't done much jumping.