Coach Dan Bylsma most assuredly would have liked center Brandon Sutter's goal to count Thursday at Consol Energy Center.

After some reflection, however, Bylsma refused to blame the officials for the ruling.

Rather, he wouldn't mind seeing certain decisions taken out of their hands.

“I think the goalie interference call is way too difficult for the referees to judge in the game,” Bylsma said. “The timing of it, the location of it, whether he is pushed in (to the goalie) or not. I just think it's way too hard for the ref to judge it.”

As of now, instant replay is used only to determine if a puck has entirely entered the net or not.

On Thursday, it was deemed that Sutter interfered with goaltender Martin Jones, which is why what would have been a game-tying goal was waved off.

Sutter was contacted by Kings defenseman Drew Doughty before going into the net area.