This was meant as a joke, but when someone suggested to Jimmy Butler in the locker room that he can now add "Beno-stopper" to his list of nicknames, he took immediate offense.

"Why does everybody want to call me somebody else's name with stopper after it?" Butler asked with mock indignation. "No."

Hang on, Jimmy. The stats don't lie in this case.

After dropping 18 points in the third quarter Friday during the Bulls' 87-86 win at the United Center, Orlando's Beno Udrih had scored a season-high 27 points before the fourth quarter even started.

So coach Tom Thibodeau's adjustment was to give the defensive assignment to the 6-foot-7 Butler, and Udrih went scoreless in the fourth quarter as the Bulls rallied to win.

"Man, it just seems that way," Butler said. "My teammates, they're always there with me. I always say it's never, ever, ever just me in any matchup. If it's a point guard, if it's a post (player) for that matter — my teammates are always there if I'm beat. I am beat on some plays. I just get all the credit for it. I think it's a five-man defensive matchup."

With Butler on Udrih, that also meant putting 5-foot-9 Nate Robinson on 6-8 Tobias Harris, but the Bulls got away with it.