Last year, shortly after the injury, SB Nation published an article from a doctor who suggested Buster Posey could come back in time for the playoffs. This was a sliver of hope, see. I tweeted a link out, just as anyone still in stage one of the Kübler-Ross stages of grief might have done. There was doom and gloom and reality to be found later, but for a a brief, brief moment, there were straws at which to grasp.

Sam Miller, because he is an awful human being, responded with a link to a story about the Angels saying the same exact thing about Kendrys Morales. This was noteworthy because Morales was supposed to be back at the end of 2010, then he was supposed to be back by the start of 2011, then he missed 2011 entirely. Morales didn't have the same injury as Posey -- though he often refers to home plate as "the inanimate Scott Cousins" -- but it was still a chilling comparison.