Joey Votto is ruining everything, as Canadians are wont to do. There has been a surge in Brandon Belt All-Star voting, see. The Giants first baseman is now fourth in the voting. If Joey Votto did not exist, Brandon Belt would be just over 200,000 votes away from starting in the National League All-Star Game. I don't know why this fascinates me, but it does. It's not as if him starting would prove some sort of point. It would just annoy the crap out of the rest of the league in an outlandishly glorious kind of way.

Alas, Votto does exist. And he's the best hitter in baseball. He's a bajillion votes ahead, and he absolutely deserves the start the All-Star Game. And that crack about Canadians was totally unwarranted. He's the Voivod of Canadian hitters. Larry Walker was already the Rush, just because he annoyed half of the people who'd heard of him, and he'll never get into the Hall of Fame, even if he deserves to.