As has been the case each of the last two offseasons, one of the biggest questions facing the Chicago Bulls is what to do with Carlos Boozer? Ever since the lockout ended in November 2011, and the new CBA included the amnesty clause — giving teams the ability to wipe one player off their cap and their luxury tax bill — it’s been speculated that the Bulls should amnesty Boozer, who is derided for being inconsistent offensively and atrocious defensively and is paid in excess of $15 million a year.

Unfortunately, there are two stark realities standing in the way of such a move. One, as last summer plainly showed us, Jerry Reinsdorf is extremely averse to spending even one more dollar than he absolutely has to and is therefore unlikely to sign off on paying a player not to play for his team.** Second, there’s the fact that such a move serves no real purpose this offseason.

**It’s generally assumed that Reinsdorf tries to avoid spending money on the Bulls so he can pour money into the Chicago White Sox, which he also owns and generally loses money on. So there’s some ridiculous irony in his working so hard to avoid the luxury tax this season by deconstructing the Bulls’ Bench Mob, then paying it anyway while ALSO watching the White Sox move rapidly towards a fire sale at the trade deadline.