"We have more than enough to win with."

This is one of Tom Thibodeau's favorite mantras, and a line we've heard over and over again this season. No matter the circumstances, no matter how short-handed, Thibs is not one to make excuses. Whomever is in uniform on a given night must "do their job" and compete as hard as they can. His players usually follow suit, almost never offering up excuses for poor play.

But even Thibs cracked a bit after the despicable 42-point loss to the Kings on Wednesday. He still uttered his infamous line, but there was noticeable hesitation in his voice. And it's because the past few weeks, the Bulls really haven't had more than enough to win with.

Thibs and the Bulls won't get any relief when they take on the Warriors Friday night. There was hope that Kirk Hinrich would be back in the lineup, but he's out once again with a foot injury. We finally found out yesterday that the injury is a stress reaction, and apparently it swelled up again overnight.