ESPN reports that the Chicago Bulls are looking to trade their 16th and 19th picks together to the Denver Nuggets to move up to No. 11 and grab a shooter in this month's draft.

The Bulls have been trying to move up in the draft to get an elite shooter. Their target has been Denver with an offer of the 16th and 19th pick for 11. If they get there, Gary Harris or Nik Stauskas will be the guy with them, likely leaning toward Stauskas.

via ESPN NBA Mock Draft - ESPN.

It's good to have backups, since there's at least a decent chance that one of them gets taken in the top ten, but it's unlikely both go. It's surprising to a degree that Stauskas would be the choice. He's a little slower and a little more ball-dominant. But he's also extremely crafty. Either option would be good.