This fair site would seem to take little-to-zero satisfaction in the non-Bulls related basketball happenings around the league on any given night, but it feels important to point out that Wednesday really was fun in the Association. Stephen Curry hit 11 three-pointers and hung 54 points on the Knicks in a close loss, Monta Ellis drained a crazy buzzer-beater, Wes Johnson drained a crazy buzzer-beater, Trevor Ariza air-balled a potential buzzer-beater that caused one of the funniest reactions you'll ever see on a broadcast. There were sweet behind-the-back passes and killer dunks. Wednesday night in the NBA had it all. Now the Bulls and 76ers are here to ruin your life.

It isn't hard to see why TNT pegged Bulls-76ers for its prime Thursday night slot during the time when such things are decided. Calendar math said Derrick Rose would have been back by now, and putting a national spotlight on a game versus Philadelphia would have allowed plenty of time for all of those ready-made TV talking points. This could have been full circle for Rose's recovery, in the same arena, against the same team that he tore his ACL. Instead, the country will be left watching two immensely banged up squads at the low point of their existence.