Joakim Noah whipped his head around his right shoulder and shot a furious glare down the 20-foot long hallway underneath the stands of Barclays Center where he had just walked.

The Bulls center was asked moments before how badly he thought teammate Derrick Rose wanted to play against the Nets in Game 2 of their playoff series, and with one look he made it obvious that he didn’t appreciate the inquiry.

"I don’t know," Noah snapped as his long strides carried him down the white-walled hallway leading from the Nets’ court to the Bulls’ locker room.

But before making the left turn where he soon would disappear, Noah made a point to look back and fire an angry stare at the person who asked the question.

Clearly Noah, like all the Bulls, must be getting tired of being asked, "When will Rose play?"

But here’s the problem: As long as Rose keeps sitting on the bench wearing a suit and tie while Noah, Kirk Hinrich and several other Bulls fight through pain and play, the question of Rose’s desire to return for these playoffs after suffering a torn ACL almost a year ago will be asked.

Luckily for the Bulls they avoided that question for a couple of hours by beating the Nets, 90-82, to tie their seven-game series at one apiece. Game 3 is Thursday at Chicago, and the question is sure to rise again.

"There has to be urgency along with the patience," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. "The patience part is more in regard to players who are injured. I think it’s important that when a player is injured that you’re patient in allowing them to get healthy to come back."