Another day, another Derrick Rose story.

Coach Tom Thibodeau and Kirk Hinrich strongly defended Rose following Wednesday's practice at the Berto Center, answering questions about TNT broadcaster and former Bull Steve Kerr's comments that Rose "maybe owes it to his teammates" to return from left knee surgery.

"We don’t feel that way," Hinrich said. "It’s been a very difficult year for Derrick. I’ve never experienced any sort of injury like that. I’m not one to speak on how anybody else’s body feels. We know what kind of guy he is and what kind of teammate he is and we don’t feel that way.

"I haven’t heard one ill word said about it. You give a guy who has that type of character the benefit of the doubt. We know that he’s such a big part of this organization and this team that we trust he’s making the right decision for that and for himself."

Not surprisingly for such an emotionally-charged story, Kerr's comments were blown somewhat out of proportion given that he lauded the Bulls and Rose for how they've handled the story and prefaced his comments by saying "if Derrick is OK and there's no threat to further injury."

There's been no threat to further injury since Bulls doctors and trainers cleared Rose for fullcourt scrimmaging on Feb. 18. However, Rose has consistently said his body and mind aren't right for him to return.