Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said Tuesday that he played no role in ESPN's report that quarterback Josh Freeman is in Stage I of the NFL's substance-abuse program.

“Absolutely not'' Schiano said when asked whether he leaked the information.

After the ESPN story broke Monday evening Freeman issued a statement confirming his participation in the program. Freeman 25 said he is dealing with attention-deficit disorder and has the NFL's permission to use Adderall.

Schiano said it was unfortunate the information was made public and bristled at any suggestion he was the source of the leak.

“Certainly that's not what you want to happen at all'' Schiano said referring to the public airing of Freeman's private medical information. “Alluding to the accusation I don't appreciate that either.

“At the end of the day it's not a good thing and you keep moving forward.''

Hours later DeMaurice Smith executive director of the NFL Players Association said the union is preparing to launch an investigation into the matter.

“We have a collective bargaining agreement that mandates and protects confidentiality and privacy'' Smith said after meeting with Tampa Bay players at the team facility. “If we believe that any member of the team management or anyone from the league has deliberately taken steps to thwart that privacy and to breach that confidentiality this union will take every step file every grievance and pursue any law to rectify that.

“We are sufficiently concerned about what we've heard to begin an investigation. I believe the league has the same interest that we have in trying to determine what happened.''

Asked for his overall reaction to Monday's report and Freeman's subsequent statement Schiano declined comment.

“By NFL rules I really can't comment on that'' he said. “I know what I've done and I'm 100 percent comfortable with my behavior.''