The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven't rallied for a victory yet this season, but in the wake of their seventh loss in as many games they did start to rally around their embattled coach.

Amid reports, citing unnamed sources, that coach Greg Schiano has lost his locker room, safety Dashon Goldson and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said they respect their second-year coach.

Whether they respect his game plans might be a different matter.

“He hasn't lost the locker room,'' Goldson said a day after the Bucs dropped a 31-13 decision to the Carolina Panthers at Raymond James Stadium. “There's no complaining here, no issues. I have high respect for this coach.''

McCoy echoed those sentiments, adding that the players will continue to play as hard as they can for Schiano as long as he's their coach.

He didn't express the same level of support for Schiano's play calling, however.

“I just run the calls of what I'm told to do,'' McCoy said when asked if he agreed with the game plans. “Whether I agree or not, for me to not run the calls would not be right. I don't get paid to coach or come up with a game plan.''

Schiano's play-calling has come into question, partially as a result of two defensive calls made against plays that resulted in touchdowns for the Panthers in the second half of Thursday's loss.

The first included a stunt by defensive end Adrian Clayborn, who ran around the defensive tackle to rush from the middle of the line instead of rushing straight ahead from his spot at right end.

That opened up a lane behind the left tackle that allowed Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to run virtually unimpeded for 6 yards and the touchdown that helped give Carolina a 21-6 lead with 4:36 to play in the third quarter.

The second call included a blitz by cornerback Leonard Johnson, whose absence in the backfield allowed Newton to hit a wide open Mike Tolbert with a 3-yard touchdown pass on the fist play of the fourth quarter.