Bucs general manager Mark Dominik has watched hours upon hours of film of his team in the weeks since the end of its fifth straight season without a playoff berth.

Through it all, he was reminded of things that give him hope, while some shortcomings were reinforced. It brought Dominik to a mixed conclusion as he begins preparing for 2013: In 2012, the Bucs were better, but hardly good enough.

As much as this offseason will be about improving existing players, it also will be devoted to further retooling the roster.

"When you don't have a winning season and don't get to the playoffs, there's something that still needs to get done and taken care of," said Dominik, in town for the Senior Bowl featuring some of the nation's top college prospects.

"And from a player personnel standpoint, that's a part of it. Absolutely."

Despite adding players like free-agent receiver Vincent Jackson last year, Dominik conceded the moves weren't a recipe for an overnight success.

"We knew it was a process," he said. "And (coach) Greg (Schiano) knew it was a process. When I look back at the season, I say there were a lot of strides made. But we do need to get to that next step."

All that was part of a wide-ranging, 30-minute conversation with Dominik. Here's a sampling:

QB COMPETITION: When it comes to adding competition behind quarterback Josh Freeman, a notion Schiano introduced after the season, Dominik suggested that was no more a priority than at other positions.

"At the end of the day, we want to increase the competition at every position," Dominik said. "Quarterback is certainly one of them."

As Dominik combed through film of Freeman, he felt encouraged. Freeman threw for 27 touchdowns but had nine of his 17 interceptions in his final three games.