Heading into Sunday’s matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians sounds like a man intrigued by the game within the game.

On the Tampa Bay sideline stands Darrelle Revis perhaps the NFL’s best cover cornerback since Deion Sanders. His counterpart is wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald who has more catches through his first 143 games (779) than any player in NFL history including Jerry Rice.

“You’re talking about two guys with about $200 million between the two of them’’ Arians said of the anticipated duel. “They ought to put on a show. They can’t cancel each other out ... nobody wants to see that. I think they’ll both win some and lose some.’’

The only other time Revis faced the Cardinals he intercepted two Kurt Warner passes in 2008 returning one for a 32-yard touchdown as the Jets won 56-35. Fitzgerald caught eight passes for 122 yards.

“Every week is an opportunity’’ said Revis acquired from New York in an April trade that cost the Bucs a first-round draft choice. “I know Larry very well I know him personally. It’s cool. It’s competition.’’

A few years ago Revis and Fitzgerald participated together in an ad campaign for Nike.

On Sunday we’ll find out who can just do it.

“Will they be on each other all the time? Probably not’’ Bucs coach Greg Schiano said. “But when they are you are talking about two Hall of Famers so it should be exciting.’’

Former Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber who now works as a Fox analyst said the Cardinals routinely move Fitzgerald around the field to create matchup problems.

“Arias told me Larry will be in the slot as much as he is outside’’ said Barber who worked Arizona’s 27-24 loss at St. Louis in Week 1. “I don’t know that Revis matches guys inside.’’

Through three games Revis appears completely recovered from October knee surgery. He shadowed Marques Colston of the Saints for much of the Week 2 matchup but Fitzgerald is a unique talent a 6-foot-3 218-pound target skilled in shielding off defenders.