When the going's good, Le'Veon Bell is leading a running back revolution. The way he waits…and waits…and waits for a lane to develop behind the line of scrimmage? Poetry in motion.

But here inside the Steelers locker room, teammate DeAngelo Williams bristles at that word: "revolution." Because when the going's bad, and granted it's been a while, the revolution becomes a question of why Bell doesn't just plant his foot in the turf and go already.

Moments after Bell's flawless playoff debut, Williams offers a jolt of honesty.

"It's a gift and a curse," he says. "Le'Veon Bell is Le'Veon Bell. Good, bad or indifferent."

I pause. Williams pauses.

It gets awkward with Bell only three feet away.

"Don't stop the interview because he's over here now!" Williams says. "Don't hide your questions! S--t, he's right here."

OK then, DeAngelo. Most of the world has seen Le'Veon Bell, the rapper, by now. "Juice" is so smooth, so methodical, so patient in that realm, too. Can Bell rap?

On this matter, Williams is even more opinionated. Yes, Bell can rap. But Williams absolutely wants him to turn on the jets. He wants, needs, is begging Bell to go ballistic on a beat. Spaz just once. Please.

His voice gets louder. Bell can't hear him.

Then, it hits Williams. Three months ago—three!—Bell promised he'd produce such a track specifically for him.