There are no guarantees for draft prospects auditioning with the Milwaukee Bucks.


Bucks director of scouting Billy McKinney said Wednesday it's not a tactic the team has used.

Some NBA teams do offer guarantees to players that they will be picked at a certain position in the draft. The thinking behind that is to prevent a player from working out for other teams before the draft, while also providing the player and his agent certainty of a draft floor.

But the negative side is a guarantee can severely limit a team's flexibility on draft night.

"We haven't done it," McKinney said. "In fact, a couple years ago when Larry Sanders came in and worked out, somebody thought we had given Larry a guarantee.

"I talked about it after the workout that we hadn't guaranteed Larry, and we didn't guarantee Brandon (Jennings), either."

The Bucks chose Sanders with the 15th pick in the 2010 draft and Jennings with the 10th pick in the 2009 draft.

"Different teams have different philosophies about how they approach that," McKinney said. "When we're at 15 and 43 (in this year's draft), it's going into it with an open mind.

"There are a lot of things that can impact how you draft based on what happens on draft day.

"I can recall when I was with the Seattle SuperSonics, Rashard Lewis was guaranteed to be taken by the Houston Rockets with one of their three first-round picks. Needless to say, he didn't go there.

"He ended up being a second-round pick with Seattle. Guarantees are a very difficult thing to give in my estimation."

Two 19-year-old foreign players — Russian small forward Sergey Karasev and German point guard Dennis Schroeder — have been the subjects of rumors regarding draft guarantees.

Schroeder said last week after his workout in Milwaukee that he would take part in a few more team workouts before heading home to Germany for two weeks.

And a Yahoo Sports report posted Wednesday said the 6-foot-7 Karasev has returned to Moscow and will not be made available for any more team workouts.

Both Karasev and Schroeder are considered candidates for the mid- to late first round of the June 27 draft.