It can be a tedious process but the Milwaukee Bucks are slowly learning Larry Drew's defense a system entirely different to almost every one of them.

The majority of Milwaukee's first week of training camp has been focused on installing the defense and Drew feels things are coming along as expected for only having four days of practice.

"I thought guys did a good job really focusing on everything we put it" Drew said. "It's been a whole lot of teaching going on. They have their playbooks and they are starting to pick it up. I think we're in a good place after a week of practice."

Drew spent the end of Friday's practice going over different parts of the defense covering things like pick-and-roll coverages and defending screens. The terminology is new in the defense and has numerous different calls as colors and numbers are used to call out different things. The goal is to have each of the five players on the court reacting on a string when a different number or color is called.

"The defense from Scott Skiles' system is totally different but it's not difficult" Bucks center Larry Sanders said. "It's habits that we have to break through the last system we've already learned. It's coming along. Guys are catching on and getting it."

One area where the Bucks expect to be better defensively is on the perimeter mostly due to the addition of point guard Brandon Knight. There's a commitment level necessary to play defense as a guard in the NBA and Knight seems to have it.

Knight has the strength to fight through screens and has the potential to be a very good defender something the Bucks haven't had at the guard position in some time.

"I think he's a terrific player" Drew said of Knight. "He's strong and he can really defend. Boy he gives us such a weapon on the floor because he's a real defender. He wants to be good defensively. He's had a good four days. He's really done a good job but he's still learning. This kid is still 21 years old."

Having a guard who can get through screens will allow the Bucks to do a variety of different things on defense. Knight takes pride in not being afraid to take a blow on a screen and even to deliver some himself.