This is outstanding. Please, never change Buck Showalter.

The "Frank" referenced above would be legendary Hall of Famer Frank Robinson, who is the only player in MLB history to win an MVP in both the National League (1961, Reds) and American League (1966, Orioles -- a season in which he won the triple crown).

Not only that, but Frank hit .294/.389/.537 (154 OP+) in his career with 586 homers (9th all-time) and 1,812 RBI (20th all-time). Two World Series rings, a Rookie of the Year, a Gold Glove, 12 All-Star Games ... we'll just leave the rest to Josh and his report.

Hart, by the way, was a sandwich pick (37th overall) last June out of high school and is only 19 years old.