After the Red Sox’ 8-1 win over the Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series Clay Buchholz offered an update for his status for the rest of the series.

The Red Sox righty explained that his goal was now to pitch in Game 4 which moves Jake Peavy into the start for Game 3 in St. Louis.

While Buchholz admits to not being 100 percent he said that his current ailment isn’t like the shoulder issue that shut him down for more than three months.

“Just a little bit of fatigue setting in” Buchholz said. “You get ready to go in spring training and you get throwing ready off a mound and then you have the whole month and a half to throw and catch in games. The secondary spring training for me was pretty much three rehab starts and then straight back into the mix. If there is a reason for velocity jumps and velocity drops I think that would be the best reason for it.

“It’s nothing like I had to take that long break during the season. It’s nothing to that extent. When I got hurt during the season I threw a pitch and said ‘OK I don’t think I can throw another one.’ Me feeling with this I was in the second inning the other night and ended up going into the sixth. That’s my outlook on it. For me taking a couple of days of getting treatment and rest and pumping the fluids and getting the anti-inflammatories in my system. My view right now is to be ready to pitch on Sunday.”

Asked if the feeling should be labeled a concern Buchholz said “Not for me.” He then added “It’s just a little dead at certain points. It’s not a pinpoint straight point where you say ‘That’s where it is.’”

Buchholz has consistently hit a wall in the middle innings throughout his three postseason starts carrying a .205 batting average against in Innings 1-4 with opponents managing a .435 clip in Innings 5-6.

“There’s not one particular spot” he said. “It’s just a feeling you don’t like feeling going into the World Series. It’s nothing out of the ordinary from anybody but at the same time this is where you want to be your best.”