With the relationship between Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Josh Freeman and coach Greg Schiano seen by league and team sources as beyond repair Freeman is likely to ask for a deal ahead of next month's trade deadline. Schiano whose tenure already stands at a perilous point despite coaching just 17 NFL games further alienated the quarterback by revealing why he was absent for a team photo and the lack of trust between the men has long been no secret in that locker room.

Furthermore several executives on other clubs believe Schiano's refusal to ever really endorse Freeman is an attempt to undermine general manager Mark Dominik who drafted Freeman in the first round prior to Schiano's arrival from Rutgers and who has also worked diligently to add talent to that roster in recent years. Many around the league believe Schiano would like to have full roster control as well viewing Freeman -- who threw for over 4000 yards and nearly 30 touchdowns last year -- as a pawn in a would-be power struggle.

Tampa's drafting of quarterback Mike Glennon in the third round this spring -- Glennon is clearly seen as “Schiano's guy” within the organization -- is just another indication that Freeman's future is elsewhere. In the final year of his rookie deal with his value being undermined by the head coach and with the Bucs making no attempts to extend him a trade request by Freeman is one of few options available to the youngster.

Freeman has been as good as any quarterback in the NFL for stretches at times but has also struggled with consistency Still with his position still in need and him standing 6-5 with some unique athletic traits a big arm and still just 25 (younger than Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton for example) there is surely a market for the player though the Bucs would likely seek a lot in compensation should they actually shop him.

Of the teams in need of a quarterback upgrade Minnesota Tennessee and Oakland leap to mind as potential candidates for a trade though the possible strength of this upcoming college quarterback class could mitigate demand via trade. Still it wasn't that long ago Carson Palmer was dealt from the Bengals to the Raiders in-season. So while it is hardly a regular occurrence in the NFL there is some precedent.