Go get him.

Go get Darrelle Revis.

The Bucs want him. They'd be insane not to want him. Remember, they watched that 2012 secondary, too, a crime scene if there ever was one.

The Glazers and Bucs coach Greg Schiano and GM Mark Dominik want Revis. I think they need Revis. I'd trade a No. 13 draft pick for him in a heartbeat.

It's time to do something dynamic.

The Bucs offense is good enough to make the playoffs.

It's up to the defense to catch up.

Go get Revis.

If this team runs out the chronically unreliable Eric Wright and a-ways-to-go Leonard Johnson at starting cornerback, it should be ashamed of itself. Heads should roll if the Jets are willing and the Bucs aren't.

Understand that there are a lot of factors in any Revis deal.

The X factor is the state of Revis' surgically repaired left knee, though the thought of Revis on one leg gives me scant more pause than Eric Wright on two — and Adderall.

The Y factor is being able to get Revis to agree to the Bucs' contract structure. But it's doable — $15 million per season is not out of the Bucs' realm of thinking.

Then there's the Z, the biggest factor: Do the Jets really want to move Revis? It's assumed that Jets owner Woody Johnson wants to unload Revis, but perhaps John Idzik isn't in love with the idea of dumping Revis being his first major act as Jets GM.

You know Jets coach Rex Ryan doesn't want to lose Revis, for the precise reason Schiano needs him. The man is a game-changer.

The Bucs need to get Revis.