Ilya Bryzgalov isn’t here to steal the starter’s job or earn a big new contract for next year.

He wants something much more valuable out of his resurrection in Edmonton: to play goal.

Funny how a little time away from the game, and the realization he might never play in the NHL again, changes one’s perspective.

“I changed my points of view,” he said before the Oiler departed for Nashville, where he will make his first NHL start since being bought out by the Flyers. “After the last few months, every day in hockey and every opportunity to play the game, I just enjoy it. I’m just enjoying the game.

“I will compete hard in practice, I will compete hard in a game, but my goals aren’t how many games am I going to play, that’s not a question I worry about at all. Right now, I feel some passion to play hockey again and that’s the best feeling.”