Whenever playing an NHL postseason overtime game, the losing team usually has missed opportunities it can look back at and play the woulda-coulda-shoulda game.

In their 6-5 overtime loss Wednesday night, the Bruins certainly got them. Brad Marchand had a decent chance off a faceoff win that Corey Crawford stopped just before Brent Seabrook sent everyone home.

But it was a chance earlier in the OT that he really thought he should have put away. He had an open shot in the slot with plenty of net to shoot at, but it sailed just wide.

“I think I had an extra half a second to kind of take a look and try to place that shot. But I just went ahead and shot it. I thought he was down, so that stuff happens,” said Marchand.

But the most indelible instance of futility was the botched chance from Chris Kelly at the end of the second period that would have tied the game at 4. The B’s would eventually get that fourth goal, so it wasn’t like it killed them. But, oh, was it a glorious chance.

With the B’s blitzing the Chicago zone, Rich Peverley sent a great pass to Kelly at the top of the crease. With Crawford out of the net, all Kelly had to do was to tap it in. It looked like such a sure thing, the goal horn even went off.