It gets almost scary considering the small degrees of separation between Cam Neely and Milan Lucic.

"When my dad moved to Canada he went to a Canucks game with his buddy and he remembered seeing this No. 21," Lucic said on Tuesday. "No. 21 got in a fight, then all of a sudden he scored.

"My dad was like, 'Oh my god, who is this guy?' and it ended up being Cam.

"As a kid – and I didn't really know who Cam Neely was except for his role in Dumb and Dumber – but dad said to me, 'If ever there's one player you want to be like, this is the guy to be like."

Today, of course, Neely is president of the Bruins and Lucic one of the team's stars.

On June 6, Neely turns 46, 25 years to the day the Canucks traded him away; a day later Lucic turns 23, half Neely's age and passed over by the Canucks in the 2006 draft.

That's all coincidence.

What's pertinent is that like Neely, Lucic can hurt you with his scoring, with his fists and with his body.

Since Neely was already a Bruin by the time Lucic was born, the Killarney Secondary alum had another power forward he hero-worshiped – Todd Bertuzzi in his prime.

But the comparisons to Neely never get stale.

"It's always flattering," Lucic said. "He's an icon, the power-forward position didn't exist until he created it.

"To be mentioned in the same sentence is a big honour."

Lucic grew up playing at the Agrodome, next door to the Coliseum where his heroes played.