The NFL is now in its second season of moving back the line of scrimmage for extra point kicks to the 15-yard line, and one thing is clear: A two-point conversion is now a better bet than a one-point extra point kick. Now the only question is whether any coach will notice.

So far this season, NFL teams are 17-for-28 (60.7 percent) on two-point conversions and 344-for-361 (95.3 percent) on extra point kicks. That means the typical rate of return on going for two is 1.21 points, while the typical rate of return on kicking the extra point is 0.95 points. All other things being equal, going for two produces more points.

That was the case last season as well: Offenses went 45-for-94 (47.9 percent) on two-point conversions, while kickers went 1,146-for-1,217 (94.2 percent) on extra points. In other words, an extra point kick produced, on average, 0.94 points, while a two-point conversion attempt produced, on average, 0.96 points.