When David Krejci was growing up in the Czech Republic, he had a poster of his hockey idol, Jaromir Jagr, on the wall.

Milan Lucic did Krejci one better. He got himself in a picture with the then-Pittsburgh Penguins phenom. Lucic’s uncle, Dan Kesa, was a teammate of Jagr’s, and when the Penguins came to visit the Vancouver Canucks, a 10-year-old Lucic and his brothers were able to score a photo with the mullet-headed Jagr, who already had eight years in the league.

“If you would have told me back then (1999) that I would have been teammates with him down the road, I probably wouldn’t have believed you,” Lucic said yesterday. “But here we are today.”

Lucic conceded that he felt some of that same excitement yesterday when news of the Bruins’ trade for Jagr broke as he did 14 years ago when he was standing next to the future Hall of Famer.

“For us as kids, it was pretty awesome to meet him. And the same feeling today when you hear the news that you get to play with a legend like himself,” Lucic said. “It’s going to be a great addition to our team. I think (coach Claude Julien) said it best when he said we’re not looking for him to be our savior. We’re looking for him to add on to this team and hopefully make it better.”

Captain Zdeno Chara also stressed that concept.

“It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we add a player the caliber of Jaromir that now we just leave everything up to him,” Chara said. “That would be totally unfair, so we’ve just got to play the same way and try to improve and be at our best going towards the playoffs.”

Krejci is thrilled to play with Jagr.

“I’m excited, obviously. He’s a big name, especially back home,” said Krejci, who played with Jagr in the 2010 Olympics. “Never thought I would have a chance to play with him on a real team other than a national team, so it’s pretty cool and I’m looking forward to it.”