Patrice Bergeron recently checked in from Quebec City near where he spends his time in the offseason. According to the Bruins' alternate captain he's set to be ready for Training Camp which kicks off on Wednesday September 11.

"I'm feeling pretty good. Recovery's going well" said Bergeron. "I'd say I'm pretty much 95 percent back to where I'd like to be and I'm feeling pretty good."

"So I guess everything’s going well and I’ve been cranking up the workouts as well so so far so good."

After the playoffs Bergeron revealed that he played through a broken rib and torn cartilage during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final along with a separated shoulder sustained in-game and a collapsed lung that was later discovered at the hospital where he stayed for three days to recover. His "warrior" mentality epitomized the spoked-B inspired his teammates coaches and fans and resonated beyond the sport.

The center's injuries didn't require surgery; just rest and time for the ribs and shoulder to heal.

He had to relax for four weeks before getting back into his training regimen towards the end of July.

"After all of the rehab I did in Boston I went back home [to Quebec] and tried to catch up with my friends and family. I didn't do too much time was pretty short and I wasn't 100 percent right away so I had to take some time" Bergeron said of the forced rest.

"I took four weeks sat back pretty much and tried to relax and maintain some of the stuff - my legs a little bit and do some stuff that I could do but I couldn't do much with my core because of my ribs."

"I laid low; I stayed in touch with friends and family and just tried to relax and spend some time with them."

When Bergeron signed his eight-year contract extension on July 12 (that keeps him in Black & Gold until 2021-22) and addressed media via conference call from Quebec he said he felt confident that he would be ready come September. That mindset remains the same.

"I’m still shooting for being ready for Training Camp" he affirmed. "I’ve had no setbacks so far and things have gone well and moved along. I feel pretty good in workouts so yeah I feel pretty confident that things will be fine and I’ll be ready for camp."