Willis McGahee is playing football on the shores of Lake Erie for the first time since leaving Buffalo in 2006.

You can bet the 10-year NFL veteran will be more careful in what he says about Cleveland and its inhabitants.

A solid start to his pro career was marred by paternity suits and an interview he gave Penthouse in which he was quoted as saying the Bills should move to Toronto and that Buffalo lacked many entertainment options.

McGahee was traded to the Baltimore Ravens in 2007 to replace Jamal Lewis who signed that season with the Browns.

“For one they got mad at me” McGahee said when asked why the Bills traded a halfback who had amassed 3365 yards in three seasons. “I said in the magazine – a Toronto guy asked me (the question) – what do you think about Toronto? I said ‘Oh I think Toronto is a lovely city.’ It was like a setup. I didn’t know any better. He asked me how the Bills would do in Toronto . . .”

Pausing for effect McGahee recalled the angry headlines that followed: “Willis McGahee bashes Buffalo.”

The running back who said the magazine quotes were taken out of context also was asked by Penthouse what he did for fun in Buffalo.