It’s been known for a year that the Browns will unveil new uniforms next year. Beyond owner Jimmy Haslam explaining that the helmets won’t change, details have been scant.

On Tuesday, Browns president Alec Scheiner provided an update on the process, which will culminate on the sheet being pulled off the new uniforms right before the 2015 draft.

“We’ll have cutting-edge uniforms that link back to our history,” Scheiner told Bull & Fox of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Tuesday. “I’m really excited about our direction. We’ve been working with the NFL and Nike for almost a year now. We have another year until we roll out our uniforms. I’d be very surprised if our fans don’t love our new-look uniforms.”

The Browns will become at least the sixth team to undergo a significant redesign since the NFL partnered with Nike in 2012. Two of the new uniforms (Jaguars and Buccaneers) are not attractive. The Seahawks’ uniforms looked iffy at first; stellar play since the helmets, jerseys, and pants were unveiled has caused most to warm up to the duds.