Cleveland Browns running back Ben Tate reiterated Tuesday that Johnny Manziel receives too much attention too soon in his career.

"I feel like it," Tate said after the Browns' offseason practice. "He hasn't played a down in the NFL yet. So ... I don't know ... That's for y'all to figure out."

Tate said if he were Manziel, he'd be weary of the attention.

"It's just as a player I know that I would get tired if people were constantly monitoring if I picked my nose, if I spit to the left or right," Tate said. "I mean, it's annoying. He's a human being.

"He's a great football player so I understand why he gets some of the constant media attention. At the same time I just figure at this stage he's tired of it and he wants to come in here and do his job and try to win the starting quarterback position."

Tate made similar comments during the weekend at an NFLPA event, saying Manziel had "won the Heisman or whatever" but he had yet to play a down in the NFL.