Colin Kaepernick on Tuesday agreed with 49ers coach Chip Kelly that his weight and strength are not where they were before he underwent three surgeries. But the quarterback has a plan to fix that.

“Eat food and a lot of it,” he said.

“That’s something I’ve always had to do, I’ve always had to be conscious of,” Kaepernick added. “I have a very lean body type, so putting weight on for me is a little more difficult (than for) others.”

Kaepernick’s weight became a focus Monday, when Kelly said Kaepernick wouldn’t be a contender for the starting role until he has fully recovered from the shoulder, knee and thumb procedures that left him unable to work out until June.

Starter Blaine Gabbert’s passer rating, 68.6, ranks 30th in the NFL, although the 49ers have faced some of the league’s best defenses in the first three weeks. Gabbert and the 49ers hope to get on track Sunday against a Dallas Cowboys defense that ranks 23rd against the pass.

Kaepernick’s optimal playing weight is 225 pounds. He lost a significant amount of mass after the surgeries and has regained most of it, but he would not pinpoint how much further he must go.