The Browns wouldn’t disclose details but the feeling was that the kicking tryout competition between Billy Cundiff 33 and Giorgio Tavecchio 23 wasn’t close.

It was held Tuesday on the team’s outdoor practice fields. The Browns intend to have Cundiff kick in FirstEnergy Stadium prior to Sunday’s game.

“I’m very comfortable (with Cundiff)” coach Rob Chudzinski said. “Obviously he had a good workout. He’s played and knows the division. He’s played here. He’s outstanding on kickoffs. He’s been in the Pro Bowl. He’s a resilient guy. I have the utmost trust in him.”

Cundiff figured to win a toe-to-toe competition with a native of Italy who’s never kicked in an NFL game before.

“That’s close to my 30th workout since I’ve been in the league” Cundiff said. “When most guys aren’t on a team it’s hard to grasp what you’re going to go through but I’ve been through so many it’s something I actually look forward to. It’s exciting.”

Cundiff replaced legend Phil Dawson in 2009 for five games when Dawson had a calf strain. Those games in which Cundiff was good on all six field goal tries re-ignited his NFL career. He said he and Dawson exchanged texting messages on Tuesday.

He likened this situation to replacing Matt Stover a kicking icon for Baltimore in 2010.

“I think it’s a good thing to come in after a guy who’s played at such a high level because the bar’s set really high and you got to bring your game up” Cundiff said.

Cundiff said he has recovered from his 32-yard miss in the 2011 season AFC title game. The wild hook kept the Ravens out of the Super Bowl.

“There were a lot of things that went on with that situation” Cundiff said. “Whether it was the scoreboard showing a different down or the play clock being rushed … it was just a comedy of errors on a lot of fronts. I think that’s the best way to put it.”