Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, speaking publicly today for the first time since his two-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, stood behind his statement that his positive codeine test was inadvertent and that he did not use the drug recreationally.

There's been some concern that perhaps Gordon got involved with the "Purple Drank'' craze that may be responsible for some positive codeine tests in the NFL in recent years. Purple Drank is a mixture of codeine-laced cough syrup mixed with candy and soda.

But Gordon insisted that's not the case.

Asked in a pre-camp interview in Berea if the codeine test signals a substance abuse problem, Gordon said, "the details (of the positive test) were given in my statement in June. It wasn't nothing the sort of recreational use.''

Gordon doesn't feel that he's back to square one in terms of having to prove to the Browns that he can stay clean. The failed codeine test came on the heels of three positive marijuana tests in college and at least one other violation of the substance abuse policy while in the NFL.

"I really don't feel that way,'' he said. "I'm still working towards it, but that's something that's in the past. It's still going to loom over me for a long time. But I still have a long way to go, a lot to prove to the fans here, to the people here. But regarding this, it's just another obstacle in my way of getting there.''

Gordon, who's tested randomly, re-iterated that he was surprised by the positive results. He said in his statement in June that the codeine was contained in a cough syrup prescribed for a bout with strep throat in February.

"The fact that it happened, it was beyond me,'' he said. "It's one of those things you just really can't control. The statement's already come out. There's not too much I can comment on.''

Nevertheless, he didn't appeal and will be accountable for the mistake.

"It was just part of the consequences that came with it and I'm willing to deal with it and I have to deal with it,'' he said. "I plan to move forward from this point on and I look forward to this upcoming season.''

He said he talked to coach Rob Chudzinski about the suspension.

"Accountability is a big issue,'' he said. "We're definitely planning for the future. We're looking forward to the things we can do beyond this point. Can't really sit back and just think about the past and things that's happened. We're really looking forward to what we can do from here on out.''