Desmond Bryant admitted that his second episode of a rapid heart rate that forced him out of Thursday's 37-24 victory over the Lions was disconcerting.

"It's a pretty scary feeling'' said the Browns' defensive end. "Your heart won't calm down. Fortunately we've got a great staff on hand and they've got me doing the right things I need and I'm now back to normal.''

Bryant spent the night at the Cleveland Clinic where he was treated with medication. He's expected to play Sunday against the Lions. He experienced the same thing one other time last year in Oakland and was also hospitalized but he's not concerned it will happen again.

"Obviously it's the second time it's happened'' he said. "I hoped it would only be a one-time thing. Then it happened again. So now you just take more steps to prevent it from happening in the future and I'm confident in the course of action the doctors are taking.''

He said he's on medication to prevent another episode and a procedure called an ablation has been discussed as a possible option down the road "but we're not at that point yet.''

He also said he's not currently scheduled for an EKG and that he should be fine for Sunday.