If Davone Bess harbored a grudge against every team that gave up on him every team that opted to pass on his skills or didn't believe he fit in the system the list would be long and the payback would be never-ending.

"For me that's every week every team" Bess said. "I didn't get drafted coming out (of Hawaii) so if I were to say there's a grudge it's a grudge against every opposing team that we face week in and week out."

So the season opener against the Miami Dolphins the team that traded Bess to the Browns in the off-season essentially declaring that the receiver no longer fit in their plans is no more meaningful for him than any other game.

At least that's how the 27-year-old is trying to keep it.

"It'd be easy to get emotional knowing that I spent the first part of my career there" said Bess who played in Miami for five seasons. "But I want to treat this game as if it was any other game. Stay poised and just execute and try to win the game."

The most difficult part in fact might be simply being ready to catch whatever Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden tosses his way.

In limited time this preseason Bess had just one catch for seven yards against St. Louis.

He sat for the final two games of the preseason but he says that wasn't so much for an acute injury but preventative to assure his aging joints and limbs – the oldest among this young Browns receiving corps – were ready for the regular season.

If anyone thinks the Browns were concealing offensive plays – particularly for Game 1 -- that feature Bess the receiver has a hearty chuckle for you.