It’s hindsight, of course, but given what happened in the Super Bowl, it’s something that the Cleveland Browns are stuck with. Had they waited a little while longer to choose a head coach, they would have had a great shot at Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

After Sunday’s game, Quinn was asked whether he would have taken the Browns job, for which he interviewed.

"I certainly would've been interested,'' Quinn told "I mean, it's a big-time place. It's the Cleveland Browns.''

Quinn had one interview, but told the Browns he wouldn’t do a second until after the Super Bowl because he wanted to concentrate on getting his defense ready to face the Denver Broncos. In the interim, Cleveland hired former Bills defensive coordinator and Ravens defensive assistant Mike Pettine.

But given how Quinn’s defense performed in shutting down Peyton Manning and the high-powered Denver offense, imagine the buzz there would be around Cleveland had the Browns waited and then hired Quinn.